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Developers, architects, and owners can improve efficiency and reduce costs. Floor contractors and smart general contractors can differentiate like never before and win more business. With dramatically improved floor performance comes lower total cost of ownership (TCO), greater operational efficiency, mitigated environmental impact, improved worker safety and completely re-energized brand perceptions.

Well recognized and proven globally, patented PrīmX floors have taken off in North America during the last five years. Interest is growing among visionaries in the commercial building industry with PrīmX licensees throughout the US and Canada.

What is your vision? Do you want to create an exclusive competitive advantage and grow your business? Do you want to enhance your reputation and expand your customer base by making smart, sustainable material choices? Do you want to improve profitability by reducing costs and operational risk? You can do all of this with PrīmX floors.

It’s time to rethink where you stand on concrete.