Pours Flat, Stays Flat - PrīmX significantly outperforms traditional concrete


When your concrete floor is tested for flatness & levelness by universally accepted methods, the measurements are taken over a single panel of concrete. Typical concrete floors have saw cuts every 12-18 feet, so these tests tell you how flat the 144-324 square foot panel is, not your whole floor. Standard concrete curls at the joints, so curling on a single panel is replicated throughout your facility.

PrīmX jointless floors are placed flat & stay flat for the life of the floor, without saw cuts. PrīmX “panels” average around 40,000 square feet, with no curling between. This keeps racking in place, AGVs and AMRs running smoothly without interference, and the entire facility cleaner & quieter. Without forklifts, material handling equipment, and robotics running over mini-speed bumps (joints) every 12-18 feet, it’s incredible how little ambient noise exists. In addition, wear & tear on this equipment is significantly less.