Frequently Asked Questions

PrīmX is a jointless (no saw cuts) patented concrete industrial floor with unmatched durability, affordability, and efficiency —improving safety and sustainability.

PrīmX uses steel fibers, proprietary admixtures, and concrete to form a composite material.  Learn More

PrimX is the best choice for industrial floors with over 160 million square feet of PrīmX in service today. PrimX is ideal for distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and cold storage, or anywhere floors need to perform under heavy loads and daily abuse.

The bearing capacity of PrīmX slabs is higher than traditional concrete due to induced self-stress in steel-fiber reinforced concrete.


The flatness of the warehouse and industrial floors is critical for safe and efficient operations.  When a floor is not flat, it disrupts efficiency, affects driver safety, and wears out warehouse equipment.  

Floors fail at the joints.  Hard-wheeled equipment breaks joints apart over time.  Curling occurs at joints, requiring grinding, repairs, and disruption to operations.  In addition, joints may cause issues and inefficiencies with racking and robotics, two critical elements in modern distribution centers and warehouses.

PrīmX is a composite that enhances green construction initiatives because it requires significantly less cement to achieve load-bearing strength — producing up to 70% fewer CO2 emissions than traditional concrete. It also eliminates hazardous silica dust from joint sawing and can help earn LEED credits and enhance ESG initiatives. PrīmX is an economical and eco-friendly choice.

Jointless, saw-cut free PrimX floors provide true flexibility and no limitations for racking placement or realignment, ensuring your facility is future-ready.

PrimX provides flat, level, and joint-free floors for modern industrial logistics and manufacturing facilities. PrimX industrial jointless and flat-for-life floors allow for uninterrupted operations that will increase productivity, operational speed and reduce wear and tear on AGVs and AMRs.

No, PrimX does not curl like traditional concrete. PrimX maintains lifetime flatness with no curling deformation.

PrīmX can be designed to be watertight – impermeable to water (in its liquid form). PrīmX guarantees water tightness with liquids spilled on the floor and ingress of water with water tables up to 10 feet.

PrīmX slabs are radon barriers (retarders) and can be used as such in ventilated production facilities and warehouses with open flooring plans, where radon concentration does not exceed 200 Bq/m3. To maintain the barrier, special detailing may be required at slab connections. 

In most cases, almost no traditional steel rebar reinforcement is needed for structural reinforcement, so you can save days of labor and construction time and lower your total installation costs. Small amounts of rebar are used around columns and at re-entrant corners for additional crack control