PrīmX Overview Brochure

The first jointless concrete floor with no saw cuts, PRIMX is a steel fiber-reinforced, no-shrink concrete flooring system. PRIMX contains steel fibers and two types of proprietary admixtures combined with ready-mix concrete to create a composite material.

PrīmX Overview Video

More than 60 million square feet of PrimXComposite industrial flooring has been poured in distribution centers, warehouses and manufacturing sites. It’s even poised to be used for outdoor pavement and roads.  

Joint Comparison

Traditional concrete needs to be cut in anticipation of cracks, sawing joints every 12 – 16 feet. Curling and shrinkage occur at joints, causing deterioration, regular maintenance, safety issues, and high repair costs. PrīmX is a patented, steel fiber reinforced, shrinkage compensating composite concrete. Joint maintenance and curling are eliminated and the floor is virtually […]

PrimX Infographic

PrimX jointless concrete slabs on grade exceed traditional concrete’s performance on multiple levels.  

Tilt-up Memo

There are multiple references to the recommended minimum slab thickness offered by the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) in publications and resources.

Hilti Anchor by PrimX

Hilti has developed the ultimate-performance screw anchor for high performance PrīmX concrete slabs – tested, approved and produced by Hilti.

Coldbox Testimonial

Coldbox Builders Inc. (Coldbox) was tasked with converting an existing mid- sized ambient warehouse into a high-functioning refrigerated warehouse for its client in the food industry. When it came to choosing the type of concrete floor that would be the bedrock for all the material handling equipment and people in the facility, Construction Project Manager […]