PrīmX Partners with Ashford Formula to Create the Ultimate Jointless, Ultra-Strong Industrial Floors

The combination of Ashford Formula’s densifier and PrīmX’s unique composite material creates an even stronger, cleaner, and harder alternative to traditional concrete

SHAKOPEE, MINN.  Oct. 28, 2020 — PrīmX (, an innovator in industrial concrete alternative flooring, announces a partnership with Springville, Utah-based Curecrete Distribution, Inc.  – makers of the Ashford Formula – to harden and densify the surface of PrīmX seamless slabs in industrial facilities. Ashford Formula is a proven densifier, hardener and dustproofing agent that has been used to treat concrete surfaces for more than 70 years.

“Treating PrīmX floors with Ashford Formula makes our hard surface even harder and our floors even cleaner and safer,” said Mike Gresser, principal at PrīmX. “We’re very excited to partner with industry leader Ashford Formula to offer the highest quality industrial flooring on the planet at a competitive price.”

Well recognized and proven globally, PrīmX industrial floors have been in use for over a decade in Europe and are gaining popularity in North America. Compared to traditional concrete, PrīmX floors eliminate a mile or more of joints per typical daily placement. These floors don’t shrink or curl and are virtually crack-free, providing a flat and frictionless surface that is easy to maintain, safer for workers and primed for automation. They are also eco-friendly as PrīmX floors are comprised of a composite that requires less material to achieve load-bearing strength.

While PrīmX and Ashford Formula have previously collaborated on many of the floors poured in North America, the formalized partnership solidifies the relationship for the future. PrīmX licensees will have access to Ashford Formula’s densifier to treat slabs and Ashford Formula’s representatives will refer industrial projects to PrīmX, particularly for warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing, and data center environments.

“The marriage of our two technologies — one that provides seamless floors and the other that strengthens the surface — makes a lot of sense to us,” said Mark Trunnell, Managing Director of Ashford Formula. “The Ashford Formula strengthens the surface of the PrīmX slabs, resulting in floors that are strong, durable,  free of dust, easy to clean and resistant to abrasion from operations.”

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PrīmX is a game-changer compared to traditional concrete, providing unmatched durability, affordability and efficiency — while improving safety and sustainability. The technology was developed in Europe by Primekss, with its sister company’s North American headquarters in Shakopee, MN. The jointless floor has transformed industrial and commercial floor performance, with more than 160 million feet of PrīmX floors and pavements in service around the world. For more information, visit


For more than 70 years, Curecrete has focused solely on developing products which enhance concrete floors. The concrete densification and concrete polishing markets were created by Curecrete’s development of the Ashford Formula in 1949 and the RetroPlate System in 1999. Since then, Curecrete has continually led both industries as the expert leader and can be found on more than 5.5 billion square feet of concrete floors across the globe. For more information, visit

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