PrīmX Teams with Lithko to Expand Availability and Access to Future-Ready, Jointless Industrial Floors

The partnership enables one of the nation’s largest concrete contractors to meet greater customer demand for stronger, more durable industrial floors

SHAKOPEE, MINN.  Jan. 04, 2021 — PrīmX (, a global innovator in jointless, zero-shrink concrete flooring, announces a partnership with Lithko, a leading, full-service concrete contracting company with a national footprint, to provide stronger, better and sustainable industrial flooring to more customers in more states.

“We’re looking for best-in-class partners to install our technology,” said Mike Gresser, principal at PrīmX. “Lithko is among the world’s elite concrete contractors, with a strong national client base. They add additional credibility to what we believe is the best industrial floor on the planet.”

The partnership developed after an extensive technology review by the Lithko team. To meet customer requests for better floors with fewer joints, Lithko analyzed 11 different systems and manufacturers, comparing costs, historical performance, warranty, design services and more to determine likely customer acceptance.

“PrīmX is the perfect option for any project that benefits from fewer joints, higher load capacity and an extended warranty,” said Jeff Blasi, Director of Pre-Construction at Lithko. “Our customers are asking for better floors and fewer joints.  Our PrīmX partnership allows us to deliver what they want at a very attractive price, while continuing our commitment to unparalleled customer service, collaboration and attention to detail.”

Compared to traditional concrete floors, PrīmX slabs are easier on employees, equipment, and robotics. There is no shrinkage or curling, so the steel-fiber reinforced floors are flat and free of dominant joints, providing added efficiency, flexibility, far less maintenance and improved cleanliness. In fact, they eliminate a mile or more of joints per typical daily placement. Plus, PrīmX is a composite technology that uses less material to achieve load-bearing strength for optimal sustainability, reducing CO2 emissions dramatically on every project.

Lithko has already completed projects with PrīmX. The companies are excited for many more collaborations.

“Nobody knows more about concrete floors than the people at Lithko,” said Gresser. “And we’re honored they chose PrīmX as cutting-edge technology to share with their clients.  We appreciate the opportunity to team with Lithko and add to our geographic coverage as we become the dominant choice for industrial floors.”

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PrīmX is a game-changer compared to traditional concrete, providing unmatched durability, affordability, and efficiency — while improving safety and sustainability. The technology was developed in Europe by Primekss, with its sister company’s North American headquarters in Shakopee, MN. The jointless floor has transformed industrial and commercial floor performance, with more than 160 million feet of PrīmX floors and pavements in service around the world.


Lithko is a market-leading, full service commercial concrete contractor specializing in the execution of walls, tilt-ups structural frames, slabs, super flats, site work, foundations and pre-construction services. Lithko has over 3,000 coworkers serving over 400 clients across 19 geographic regions. Lithko has a unique local service model designed to keep co-workers close to home and create exceptional customer service in each town.

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