The Floor that Increases Project ROI

Using quality materials and proven infrastructure from the outset can pay long-term dividends by improving ROI and reducing total cost of ownership. PrīmX’s unique jointless steel fiber composition is designed to eliminate the weak points that produce most maintenance issues found in traditional concrete flooring—promoting higher performance, driving long-term maintenance savings and improving design flexibility.

Joint Comparison

Traditional concrete needs to be cut in anticipation of cracks, sawing joints every 12 – 16 feet. Curling and shrinkage occur at joints, causing deterioration, regular maintenance, safety issues, and high repair costs. PrīmX is a patented, steel fiber reinforced, shrinkage compensating composite concrete. Joint maintenance and curling are eliminated and the floor is virtually […]

PrimX Infographic

PrimX jointless concrete slabs on grade exceed traditional concrete’s performance on multiple levels.